Frigidaire bottom-loading tri-temperature cooler. 1 year warranty. $189.00. 
Clover commercial-grade top-loading hot & cold cooler. 3 year warranty. $249.00
Brio bottom-loading water cooler. Hot, cold, and room temperature dispensing. $259.00.


Hot & cold rental $9.85 per month for business & residential use. 

New Clover hot & cold top-loading coolers for $249.00. Coolers are available in black or white. We also offer bottom-loading hot, cold, and room temperature Brio coolers for $259.00 available in black/stainless.

  • Stylish, contemporary, durable polyethylene dent and rust-free cabinet
  • Stainless steel reservoir
  • Water Guard system eliminates spills during bottle changes and reduces the chance for dust and dirt to enter the cooler
  • Energy star rated
  • 3 year limited warranty